The Leading Cause Of Yeast Infection In Man: Unprotected Sex

The Leading Cause Of Yeast Infection In Man: Unprotected Sex

Article by Rick Roberts – Curing and Preventing Yeast Infection In Man

It was a night not unlike any other night really, except for the fact that this night everything was falling into place, and seemed as though it would be a night to remember.

Joe had spent countless nights at the local hot spot talking to Evelyn for hours on end and they had never become nothing more than friends. But tonight was to be different Joe could feel it.

He became bolder in his moves and actions towards her and she was being receptive for a change. If he continued to play his hand right they would become more than friends tonight.

She smells incredible; her scent subtle, but intoxicating. Joe and Evelyn lock lips, and she moans her approval. His mouth found her neck, and he kissed it, tasting fire. Then she looks at him, her eyes inviting as she fixed Joe with her stare, and lets her gaze drift — slowly and intently — to the bedroom.

Joe thanking to himself how lucky he was to not have to use protection since he had known Evelyn for most of his life and knew she would be safe from and STDs, not knowing that pregnancy and STDs aren’t the only causes for concern. Not when yeast infection in man remains a remote possibility.

He pulled off the covers and jump under the sheets. And almost as quickly as the dance had started it was over. For once the adventure had lead to the prize but it was now over and the night drew to a close,

He feel content, almost as if Joe had lived through a dream. Days later, however, reality strikes.

Though its not common knowledge but yeast infections in men are not a very real threat among sexually active singles and married couples as well. It iften starts as a reddish irritation, it is accompanied by a nagging itch, and it plagues you.

It is often confused with other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), but in fact it is the same yeast infection that plagues countless millions of women.

Does any of this sound familiar? It doesn’t matter if you are a single man out seeking affectiomate intimacy or a married man enjoying the pleasures of sex with your wife. Yeast infection in man is an uncommon but real circumstance.

Please read on…

You may have read an article before on yeast infection and identified this as a yeast infection symptom in man. You didn’t look into it at the time since it was your girlfriend at risk, and you focused instead on helping her know more about vaginal yeast infection. Though even then, you couldn’t help but fear what little you read of yeast infection in man, fully aware that its symptoms aren’t pleasant.

Time passes since you first noticed the irritation, and still you try in vain to ignore it. But then the morning comes when you look down in the shower and stare, in morbid fascination, at a fear that has been realized. penile yeast infection, the veritable worse-case scenario when dealing with yeast infection in man, has made itself even more apparent.

Soreness, clumpy white discharge, blisters resembling those of genital herpes–practically every known yeast infection symptom in man has manifested itself on your penis. And the one thing on your mind (aside from the endless string of profanity) is one question: How?

It hardly matters that you are among few who have accepted yeast infection in man is a possibility or even that you can recognize its symptoms. Crucial as that knowledge is in addressing the condition as soon as possible, greater importance lies in knowing the causes of yeast infection in man and the ways to prevent it.

Sex, for instance, is one of the leading causes of yeast infection in man, particularly penile yeast infection. This is because women with vaginal yeast infection can infect men during intercourse. Although it’s not a given, and really quite uncommon, that a man who sleeps with a woman with yeast infection will end up suffering any yeast infection symptom in man, it does happen and it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Infection through sex is not one-sided though. A man with yeast infection can infect his female partner. This means that man must be as mindful of yeast infection as woman, not only to preserve his health but that of his bedmates as well. In fact, man should be the more vigilant of the two, since yeast infection in man doesn’t always have visible symptoms. Once yeast infection is established the man and the woman can re0infect each other over and over again.

Yeast infection will always be a threat to man and woman alike, but a little awareness can go a long way toward keeping the disease at bay. While coming to terms with the reality of yeast infection in man and spotting its symptoms are all well and good, there’s no excuse for not knowing what can expose you to the disease, what you can do to avoid it, and what methods can help you if ever you get infected. With those in mind, you can rest easy, knowing a dream night won’t become a nightmare later on.

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